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We make sure that our trucking service will pick up and deliver your cargo with fast and efficient methods.

ETRANSIT owns various trucks fleet to fulfill your delivery needs via mainland, particularly for the heavy goods or numerous ones, to various cities in Indonesia. You are free to choose which truck that’s suitable for your delivery. Whatever your needs are, we will provide them as best as we can. We will also handle every package personally, so that we can minimize any damages from happening. Your quality of packages won’t be bothered either.

You don’t have to worry about the budget because our trucking service offers a quite competitive cost. You can even find out how much the estimated cost you’ll have to pay beforehand. Just submit any relevant information related to your delivery needs: how many trucks you’ll need, your packages weight, and the matrix volume. . . .



+62 21 6623879 / 55966747
Mail: jayadi@etransit.id